Eric WaidergornEric Jacques Waidergorn, graduated in Law and International Relations, specialized in International Trade Law and LLM in Corporate Law, before establishing Ewaider&Co, he had an extensive career in the outsourcing industry including creating a leading outsourcing department for one of the world’s largest auditing firms.

Eric hired the best professionals with whom he had worked along his Outsourcing career, with the same “customer centric” mentality, in order to implement his premises.

Eric recognized early in his career that hiring the best professionals with the same “customer centric” mentality is critical for a successful outsourcing business. This allowed him to bring customer attrition to 0% during four years.

Within four years, the newly created department represented almost 15% of the Brazilian's firms revenue, which until that time had auditing as a core business and was amongst the top 5 in Brazil.

During his career he has helped establish and manage relationships for companies including: Amazon, eHarmony, Extreme Networks, Gracenote, Silicon Labs, Netflix, Netgear, Huawai, Symantac, Voice Interatcion, Ducati, Taurus, among others.