An Official Recommendation Has Been Presented

The US Government has made official that Brazil will be considered for inclusion in the group that represents the most important Economies in the World. This acronym stands for “Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development” and is formed by the richest countries on the planet.

It is an organization for the 36 most influential World developed countries

The OECD was founded in 1961 in order to stimulate the economical development of the member countries. This forum of countries is committed to the following standards:

OECD and Brazil
The OECD official logo

Nearly there

To be a part of the group Brazil will not only have to be engaged in liberal public and economical policies. Brazil will need to follow a series of standards such as fiscal control and inflation management. According to the Brazilian President there are two Countries that were also being considered for the position in the OECD, Romania and Argentina. He declared that:

We’re nearly there, but two countries had the lead, Argentina and Romania, and this was once again expressed today,” the president said. “You can’t just show up and be expected to be let inside. The [OECD] carries out its selection bit by bit, one drop at a time, to make sure the new country meets everything that’s in the OECD statute, because they can’t make a mistake

The Entrance Might be Economically Beneficial to Brazil

Certainly the fact of being a part of the 36 most important nations economically will bring opportunities to Brazil. But we have to remember that there are preconditions that have to be dealt with before we are qualified to be a part of the club. But after things are set and Brazil actually enters the OECD group, a series of opportunities would be available in the Horizon that will include businesses with all major economies in the World.

Brazilian Economy Growing
Brazil is clearly creating an economic strategy, different from the past attempts to maintain growth and balance.

This is not a political strategy it is an economical strategy

Some Brazilian Government sources have denied that this is an attempt to make an official support politically with Washington. According to the Brazilian Government this is just a strategy that started to be attempted early in 2019. This clearly shows that Brazil has its main objective to be the economic growth and recovery.

It is a New Way, an attempt to create a new Brazilian strong economy

Brazilian government is trying to bring up solutions of economic recovery that are different from past plans. It is like an attempt to create a social and economic prosperity that might bring what the population needs:


In this current post we talked about the entrance of Brazil in OECD. This might bring the country to the center of the political and economical scenarios in the world. Do you think we are ready for that? Share you comments and thoughts about it and don’t forget to like our post!