Country is already the largest market for Latin America in power energy

Only in 2018, the power capacity in Brazil was measured in 162GW, certainly relying on hydro-power. Currently Brazil is considered a Country that operates mostly on clean energy, the hydro-power generated energy accounts for almost 70% of the capability. Also, the policies, related to energy production are already pioneering not only because it is capable of creating energy with cleaner sources but also natural resources facilitate the implantation processes.

The past few years of Economic crisis might be showing signs of withdrawal

Since 2014 Brazil was going through a severe economical crisis that involved also a political crisis that polarized the once multi-party system established for many years. The severe crisis also resulted in the Impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff in January 2016. Currently, Brazil is opting for more right-winger options in politics, maybe for the sake of Economic Prosperity and policies that might fight political corruption.

Invest in Brazil
Brazil is in a process of political transformation after the Economic Crisis that the Country went through in 2014.

How does clean energy generation is related to Economical Growth

According to official data by the United Nations the energy and power production industry is directly responsible for climate change. The account of greenhouse gas emissions in this area accounts for 60% of total emissions in the whole world yearly. So the production of clean energy will be a great business opportunity that is expected to grow within the next few years.

Clean energy will be the deal

One of the 17 goals for the World will be to ensure reliable, affordable and sustainable energy for the next few years, So businesses that are dealing with by-products that are not sustainable and clean for the environment will have to change. On the other hand, businesses or investors that takes this issue seriously. But not only that, entrepreneurs, specially those from the new generations know that sustainable businesses are the ones that will be the best option for new businesses on the horizon.

Does it really matter?

In fact it does, the whole world will triple its investments in this type of energy as a goal for Countries. The sustainable energy infrastructure will have to be around $1.25 trillion by 2030. So, it is not just that this might be an option for Countries to start adopting this type of energy generation, in some years this will be legally implemented. It really means that sustainability will be an incredible business opportunity for the closer future.

Right investments mean profits

Many specialists in Market Research might also corroborate the idea that an investor has got to have the right vision. This means that the Companies that are already dealing with cleaner energy sources also have good perspectives for profits on the long-term. So investing in shares related to Companies that are already dealing with clean energy technologies might really be profitable.


In this article we shared important information related to future business opportunities with clean energy sources and how Brazil might be ahead in this issue. We are currently the third Market in clean and renewable Energy among Developing Countries. Did you like the information that we shared in this post. Don’t forget to like our article and share about Ewaider & Co throughout your social media!