Exogenous influences such as the coronavirus outbreak shouldn’t create a backing down in the Economical system

Official statements from the Brazilian Government indicates that the zeal related to fiscal policies will be maintained. The agenda already in place, before the pandemic coronavirus outbreak, must not create distortions related to the already decided reformation agenda. The recent plunge on oil prices is  directly connected to this worldly dissemination of the new disease.

Not only in Brazil

The scattering of cases is considered now a pandemic episode. It doesn’t mean that the severity of the disease caused by the coronavirus is much stronger than things we have seen before, but it is already spreading to the whole world. Of course this has an impact on the economy. If you consider that wholes cities are quarantined to at least diminish the spreading potential of the virus, you will certainly think about the impact of the disease over the Economy.

brazil coronavirus latest news
The worldly spreading of the coronavirus is already affecting many economies in the World.


Will many economies be affected by the coronavirus pandemic?

Many official information and media vehicles are already talking about a huge impact over China’s previously growing economy. The question is how much will it affect us on the long-term. A vaccine or at least natural anti-bodies generation in people might be the best option for many to continue working in factories and going out normally; without the risk of contracting a strong pulmonary disease that is demanding of advanced medical care. Respiratory masks are not actually available in the quantity necessary for every people infected, for example.

Brazil has already more than 50 confirmed cases

The virus spreads through the air, secretion of infected people and outside the body contaminated is able to maintain the virus alive up to 9 days. This means that products produced in China by someone working in the factory lines that are actually infected might also put virus particles on the products that are exported. This is why many industries can  be affected; not only because the workers are staying at home, people are afraid of buying products from places like China, where the virus is already very spread.

Brazilian Economy is not affected so far

So far, even that the stock market has been closing in very low rates, our Economy won’t feel the same impact. The Brazilian Economy is not actually fully dependent on speculation. The natural resources and goods are a great source of income and, of course, the coronavirus pandemic is still weak and well contained in Brazil.


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