A diplomatic spat that started a few days ago

On Tuesday President Xi Jinping agreed with Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, during a diplomatic call; that both nations will cooperate in order to stop the spreading of the Coronavirus. Both leaders settled that fighting the spread of the coronavirus is the most urgent measured to be taken currently. Brazilian largest city is São Paulo and today the metropolis entered into its fourth day of lock-down and many are saying that the monopolistic capital is almost like a Phantom city!

Brazilian latest news
Quarantine was imposed by the government in São Paulo because of the disease caused by the coronavirus, COVID-19. The outbreak was more present in downtown, but there are already suspected cases elsewhere in the city and also in the whole Country.


The friction started after Bolsonaro’s son made claims about Chinese authoritarian regime preventing the World from knowing the appearance of the regime

Faster actions against the spread of the new disease could actually have been prevented if the Chinese doctors had more freedom to speak publicly about suspected cases that started to appear. Bolsonaro’s son even made a public declaration regarding this subject, turning public opinion of many against him. China’s ambassador blistered comments regarding latest polemic affirmations related to authoritarianism in China being connected to the spreading of the virus to the whole world before it was too late.

Controversy related to blaming authoritarian regime was also coming from the US

The USA is the country with the higher rate of coronavirus infection cases in the World. Of course, President, Donald Trump made declarations that were resembling the latest controversial situation with Brazil. It was actually a “war of words” between Pequim and Washington. Despite China and other societal private and public political sectors in the World don’t officially accept the stigma of “guilt” for the pandemic there has also been discussions related to offering help to the USA as a duty. The American country has already counted more than 1,200 deaths resulted by the covid-19 disease, numbers are increasing at a fast pace.

Promises were made to both countries USA and Brazil

The Chinese President promised during telephone calls that there will be all the support necessary to fight the spreading of the disease. The USA today is already ahead of China in the number of cases of covid-19 and many expect that the country will become the epicenter of the corona disease in a few days. Italy is also facing increasing number of cases, but not only that the amount of deaths is almost 1,000 daily currently.


The pandemic is already spread to the whole world. China might try to help contain the virus in some countries but measures related to quarantine and collective restrictions might seem to be inevitable. Did you like the information we shared in this article? Don’t forget to like our post and comment about your experiences related to the quarantine worldwide; and follow us on LinkedIn!