Federal Government asked for more respirators to help treat severe cases of covid-19

During a videoconference Health Minister Secretaries and Governors in Brazil made an appeal for the purchase of more respirators to Public Hospitals. Brazil is probably facing the peak of the pandemic now and the crisis is already being felt in many States of the Nation. For the next 3 Months, the Government has already provided measures to purchased respirators manufactured in Brazil to help with the demand.

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The Federal Government is already arranging emergency teams with Health professionals to help dealing with the coronavirus health situation in Brazil.

Health Professionals will also form emergency teams to help in the States that present more cases

Teams of highly qualified Health Workers in the fields of infectology, pneumology, nursing, social care, and others are already flying to other States in order to help with the demand of care in areas with higher amount of cases. It appears that we will reach the peak of infections during the next few Weeks, so the quarantine that was planned until the beginning of May will be extended in order to protect people from infection with social distancing measures. Those measures are designed to prevent a faster spreading of the virus what could be even worse to the already saturated Health System in Brazil. Many countries inside and outside the Americas are facing the same difficulties because the amount of covid-19 cases that need further attention, including with specialized care; and respirators is increasing. Our previous reality in the Hospital Care System was very different from what we see now, and the need to adapt fast with the quick spreading of the virus demanded changes that have to be addressed.


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Today, the Government of the USA announced that the FDA approved an emergency medication that is not for sale yet.


Trump announced today that the FDA made an emergency approval of an antiviral that might be effective against the covid-19

Yes, there is already one antiviral medication that is showing to be effective in laboratory tests, the Remdesivir. The substance has been used in the past to treat Ebola cases as well as, HIV infections and other serious virus diseases. It has been confirmed that Remdesivir might have good results in patients infected by the coronavirus. A recent study with 1.038 patients infected by the coronavirus has proved the efficacy showing that the part that received the medication could recover faster in 31% of the cases in comparison with the people in this same group that were treated with placebos.

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Remdesivir acts preventing the RNA of the virus to synthesize inside the human cells.


Hopes and fears

All over the world, there has been scientific researches and attempts to develop a vaccine or efficient medication that might cure or treat the covid-19. Many are fearing that this pandemic will affect the Economy as never before, we might be facing a type of economic crisis that was not expected because many hoped that the World in 2020 would be economically more stable. Now we are facing an Economical challenge that might also be keeping us inside our homes in order to protect our Health and the lives of our loved ones. Of one thing we can be sure after all of that sudden turmoil on our lives, we have reached a point where we realized that the future is not only in our own hands, there is always a point of doubt that might be dealt with and sometimes the scientific security standards might have to be urged to produce remedies faster than usual in order to stop the worst case scenario.


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