In the middle of a pandemic we are also facing a political crisis

A new Head of the Federal Police arises in the middle of a political turmoil in Brazil. Former Political leaderships related to the top authorities related to Public Security and Justice have been removed because of situations that might be considered a bit uncertain.The former Judge and head of the Lava Jato Operation, Sergio Moro, resigned on April 24th. In the middle of the battle of words resulted by this situation, there are allegations of hiding information from the Executive. But the situation was already delicate before the coronavirus pandemic rise and now we might be facing a political crisis that can be decisive for the future of the Brazilian economy too.

The economy shrank already

Before the pandemic we were all expecting a completely different scenario with economical recovery and, certainly, our political scenario was less intense in January. Further-shocks caused by the influence of the covid-19 pandemic are expected because the duration of the quarantine is hard to determine, not only in Brazil, bu all over the World. Our political turmoil is also of hard predictions related to the duration, Brazil has always been inside of political disputes and matters. But we are still the largest economy in America Latina. And, though many media channels are talking about the Impeachment of the current President, Jair Bolsonaro, the truth is that the average Brazilians were doing manifestations of support to him inside cars during quarantine times.

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Many people in Brazil are actually going to the contrary side of the mainstream media that rages against Bolsonaro. They are actually participating in manifestations in favor of the current government.


Is there a way out of this crisis for us?

The answer is yes, but for that there is a need, not only of time but also efforts in order to recover the economy. The political dissidence is actually not new to Brazil, it is a struggle that has been going on for decades already. The pandemic negative effect is mainly being felt over the small businesses and those are the same people that are supporting the current administration of Jair Bolsonaro. Many people in Brazil are feeling the effects of the covid-19 pandemic on their pockets, the individual microentrepreneurs form the major economically active group in Brazil.

How can we do this?

For our economy to improve we firstly have to deal with the covid-19 pandemic and this is not only our problem. The whole world is dealing with the same questions, in a lesser or higher degree. We might also have to deal with the political crisis that is not only ideological, the same political positions are already facing divisions from within, right or left. It will take time but we can expect more Health Protection measures within the next few days. Definitely it takes effort not only by the government, but by the whole Brazilian population. We are already facing two major challenges, our economy and the pandemic that requires us to be inside our houses for our own safety. So, first of all, we will have to find a way to control the covid-19 pandemic in order to start returning our businesses to normal again.

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In the middle of the rise of cases of covid-19, Brazil might be in front of an economical challenge without precedents. But isn’t the whole world in it too? The challenge will be universal, not only fighting coronavirus but to recover our economies.



In this article we talked about the latest challenges Brazil is facing amongst the covid-19 pandemic. We also discussed the fact that the World in one way or another is facing difficulties related to the pandemic with a tendency of economical difficulties that might arise and make us face new challenges in the near future. Did you like the information we provided in this article? Don’t forget to like our post and shared it with all your friends. Follow Ewaider&Co on our Social Media channels and Blog to check for more news about Brasil.