5 year-old boy passed away after severe and rare complications linked to covid-19, but not the only suspicious case

Some cases of children affected with the covid-19 virus previously believed not to be related to the disease might actually have come up as a new issue for American authorities. Medical Doctors are checking rare but real cases of children with the covid-19 virus presenting some toxic shock syndrome similar to the Kawasaki disease. The State Department of Health in New York is investigating the cases and also asking the public on all other areas in the World to remain vigilant about such symptoms in children that at first were thought to be asymptomatic.

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Firstly, many believed that children were asymptomatic for covid-19. Now we are uncertain at how the disease affects them because some are presenting severe symptoms and we need to make sure they are safe too.

Many people were peaceful about the fact that children were believed to be asymptomatic

Even though there has been reports of severe cases all over the World in children, those occurrences are still considered to be rare. In fact, people were believing that children would not get the disease and only act as vehicles of transmission for the covid-19. At first authorities would believe that children did not suffer from the infection and would only come home; and pass the virus to other members of the family. People need to be more cautious than ever because the coronavirus is actually affecting people of all ages, and now we know that children are also falling victims of this serious disease.

The latest information might make us revise some assumptions

We are facing a new type of disease that at first were believed not to affect children, but in fact those who present severe forms of the infection must be taken care in the most urgent way possible. We prepared a list of major symptoms that you should pay attention in case you have children at home:

If your child present this kind of symptoms and you already suspect for covid-19, please look for a Hospital as fast as possible. The color of the skin of the child can become pale or bluish, there has been reports that some children present patchy skin too.

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New York and other States in the United States are reporting severe cases in children that present mysterious symptoms related to the covid-19. The patchy skin symptom is also getting know as “covid toes”.

Though many cases are asymptomatic or light the authorities are worried

There has been a preoccupation coming from the Health Authorities because many cases in children were not connected to covid-19, but now they are suspicious cases. Some Doctors are referring to this different condition as “pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome” and, yes, this is related to the coronavirus. So far, 3 children are reported to have died in New York with the same symptoms and dozens are hospitalized. The Kawasaki Disease that is very similar to the symptoms that the children are having now causes an inflammation on the wall of arteries limiting the blood flow to the heart. Children are mostly affected, but many adults with covid-19 are also experimenting hematological symptoms meaning that the immune system is overreacting to the virus.

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The Major of NY has come forward about the covid-19 symptoms related to infections in children.



In this text we talked about the latest discussions related to the infection of covid-19 on children, firstly believed to be asymptomatic. But now different symptoms related to inflammation of veins and arteries are starting to be related to the coronavirus too. Are we facing a different form of virus disease that can present many kinds of symptoms different for each person because of our immune system and preconditions? Only time can tell that, but so far we didn’t find any treatment that is 100% certain to heal all cases of covid-19 on people because each system acts differently to the virus. Did you like the information shared in this article? Don’t forget to like our post and follow us on our LinkedIn official social page for more international news.