Amidst many protests, Brazilian State Governments are adopting a selective lockdown

The Brazilian Economy is mostly formed by small entrepreneurs that run minor or informal businesses selling and buying several products that in this time of pandemical restrictions are not considered essential. But many of those small business owners supply for their families and need to work on a daily basis in order to keep purchasing food and medication for their Homes. This is the major reason why people are having trouble accepting restrictive and “stay home” measures in the country. Though it is actually important to contain the spread of the covid-19 pandemic, the truth is that many families in Brazil can’t afford it. Other people have already received some form of economical help from the government; as the Emergency Aid Program recently created to avoid bigger problems caused by the recent social restrictions on small businesses. But the fact is that the amount provided, when people are able to get it, is really small compared to the real daily need of the Brazilians.

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Many countries in Europe have gone through severe measures of lockdown to contain the pandemic and are now trying to go back to normality at slow paces.

Europe have already gone through those same measures, sometimes even harder

You might be asking yourself in what way Brazil could be different from Europe, as many in the EU countries run small businesses too and were able to stay home for the sake of safety. Well, the fact is that small businesses in Brazil sometimes run on a daily budget, this is a difficult reality for many trying to grow financially in Brazil after years of Governments that were so deep into tax enrichment. In fact in Brazil we have a difficult reality and a large gap between a Wealthy and structured tax-receiving political elite and State Employees; and the rest of the people. This remnant is left to get over with high taxes and prices for everything, including the every day food supply. And actually, many can’t afford staying at Home, and of course nobody is wanting to risk themselves and their families. But if you put people in a situation where they have to provide for their homes and not going out of their House to avoid risking getting covid-19, they will certainly be confused.

Brazilian latest news
The gap between Federal and State political thought in Brazil is even clearer this Week.

Federal Government and States in Brazil are in a struggle between different patterns of thought

Today some decisions have been taken by the Federal Government that are trying to allow the reopening of some businesses that were previously determined to remain closed. Such as hair salons and other small businesses that were closed, but the State Governments seem to be deciding the opposite, trying to pass lockdown measures in many cities where most of the covid-19 cases are concentrated. So we are facing a dilemma between many that tries to imitate the behaviors taken by many European countries in order to contain the spread of the virus and others that are demanding that they need to go back to work because they can’t afford staying at Home. And most of all, Brazilians are considered to be warm and affectuous people that like to touch each other, when we go shopping we like to check products, handling things and those behaviors are considered risky in the current contagious situation.


In this latest post we are discussing the controversial situation between the need that some Brazilians are demonstrating to go to work on their small businesses and also security measures so that covid-19 won’t spread throughout our Country. The situation is already difficult and dangerous, the economy can’t stop that much but we also can’t take some risks that might affect others around us. What do you think of this situation that is not only a difficulty for Brazil, many foreign countries are already are facing it too. Did you like the information shared in this post? Don’t forget to like and follow us on our LinkedIn social media page, share our news to all your friends and help support Ewaider&Co online!