Official estimation came by the Economy Ministry in Brazil

The diminishing on the Gross Domestic Product is expected to be of almost 5%, and this is recognizably connected to the pandemic of covid-19; and the social restrictions measures. In the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the predictions started less adverse with an expectation of decrease but only of 0.02%.The latest and not so favorable news came out yesterday, on May 13th and the contraction is already being considered the sharpest in our History. Economical troubles are not considered a new factor in the history of Brazilians, but for 2020 many were expecting a not so positive result as we predicted on 2019.

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Many countries are facing economic plunges and estimating that 2020 will be a difficult year.


Countries all over the World are going through the same difficulties

Many specialists are considering that the effects of the current situation is being felt in most Countries actually. Economic analysts all over the World are already considering projections that include the reduction in many activities. Others authorities are even considering the panoramic views of this event as a post-war period that will be happening all over the World; in order to take actions for economical recovery. Let’s check ahead some of the sectors that will be affected:

The question remains even if we are afraid of the pandemic

An economical problem might have been triggered with all that situation. We might have official news and reports related to the Economy and how the problem of covid-19 pandemic times impacted businesses all-over the World. The problem might be much greater than what we are actually checking on the news. And during our past history we have already faced difficult economic periods and were able to recover. But for that it will be important that people have some kind of freedom to do businesses, Internet connections also will be fundamental; so a diminishing on the prices for access to the Internet might help people to get back on their feet. Online businesses can represent an important part of this recovery process with possibilities to provide services and somehow continue to function in businesses.

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Many are working on a Home Office regime, businesses are being able to maintain delivery activities too. So, social media and online advertisement are becoming essential for many businesses.


Online businesses or alternatives to maintain your Company with delivery and advertising on Social Media are actually saving many

There are companies who can afford to maintain their normal activities with employees working on a Home Office regime. But others such as restaurants, clothing brands and some physical shops are actually having to find more creative ways to maintain their incomes. And this is absolutely possible, many for example are starting to invest more on their online presence through Social Media and even on Google Ads or Blogs with SEO that can be attracting for an audience that is Staying at Home. Others are going even further and producing masks and disinfectants in order to adapt to the current events; and be able to maintain themselves active, earning money with different ideas. Of course, we all had to adapt to a new reality and we don’t even know how long it will last, and no, we can’t stop working. Many people can’t even support for their families during one single Month without leaving the house to work, the big challenge will be for us to be able to adapt to a very uncertain reality.


In this post we discussed some issues that are permeating our current reality. Many are fearing for their Health, but we can’t afford to stop the economy during the next few Months. So we will have to adapt, and many businesses are finding that growing their presence online is a good option right now. Did you like this post? Don’t forget to share it with all your friends and like our page on LinkedIn for more current events and economical international news!