Only the technology will not be enough

The covid-19 pandemic in Brazil has generated a lot of controversial behaviors and also declarations, because of the importance of small businesses. These are the ones that have suffered the most with lockdown measures and determinations of closures for nonessential businesses during the picks of infection periods. But in order to adjust themselves to this different reality, many companies in Brazil are starting to invest on their online presence or even improving their systems to create their Internet visibility. The crisis caused by the covid-19 situation made businesses owners and administrator to think about the necessity of paying more attention to Digital Marketing Strategies in order to bypass the blockages and continue profitable.

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Developing digital marketing strategies is a whole different approach, but certainly necessary at he moment.


Many that were planning to use those strategies in the future had to do it in weeks

Efficient digital strategies are not something that a Company can do in one or two weeks. It is necessary to build an online presence with good content online, reputation that might take time, reviews from real clients, etc. It is not easy to get Googled and appear on the first pages, to achieve a number of following on Social Media. But Facebook and other Social networks have systems that help businesses to direct their ads at certain types of public or regions. Of course that directing the products to specific audiences and adding them on Social Media are only a part of this process. For example, on certain businesses types the shop will have to be present at a Market Place and have chat bot systems, lead capture methods that are actually effective; and other strategic options to improve sales.

Growing yearly, during the pandemic times orders increased 85% online

On Wednesday, 27th, an online meeting was held about digitally transformed businesses by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce that counted with the presence of 640 people. The webinar was set in order to discuss the same topic hosted by the software engineer,  Silvio Meira, with many years of experience with Online businesses said that the covid-19 situation accelerated this process.

The thing is all of these futures began to happen for everyone at the same time, and for businesses, obviously, whether they like it or not …

A process that many would think would be lasting for years

According to Meira, we all thought that the migration to online businesses would last for years, but after the situation we had with covid-19; this went actually very fast. So it means that something that specialists would consider to be lasting for years took Weeks. Not only showing that businesses can actually run online only perfectly but that this is a legitimate way to proceed on commercial patterns. In many ways technologies are so advanced that we can check dimensions, colors and order specific changes on customization products. But not only that, we have discovered that we can order food and save a lot of time waiting on the supermarket queues for grocery shopping. There are many apps today that are fast and perfect for people to choose grocery products and for suppliers to send availability right away. One thing we know for sure, technology saved many businesses and even jobs during those quarantine times, now we are looking at a new reality where we might be used to it.


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