What we know as the Wi-Fi 6 technology is not actually new

The wireless network standard 802.11ax already existed before, and is a type of simplification that allows the router to improve its efficiency. This is due to the OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access), which will subdivide the channels used by the router diminishing latency. Another special feature is the Multi User MIMO, allowing the router to send to send data onto several devices at the same time. The frequency ranges that equipments with this Wi-Fi 6 technology have more potency related to the data traffic within the range of the routers.

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This technology will help routers to maintain even more capacity of keeping several devices connected at the same time.


The technology will help maintain Wi-Fi as the low-cost alternative to Internet connection

The Wi-Fi 6 was projected to offer support to a more intense data exchange at the same time. So, this will improve the connection stability and streaming capabilities to important systems such as:

IoT and the crisis in the World

Though in Brazil the situation caused by the pandemic of covid-19 is still difficult, we are trying to maintain previous plans of implementation of state-of-the-art news in the technological sector. The expansion of the possibilities for Internet connection was already expected since last year and Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency, which is the State Company liable for the use of those kinds of frequencies in Brazil) will continue with its projects, as possible. Brazil was already planning to align itself to the best international technological standards though the crisis caused by the pandemic all over the world might have some impact on many major areas in the Economy of many countries.

Brazilian latest news
Even inside the covid-19 crisis, Brazil is still proceeding in some projects that might be important for technological sectors.


Wi-Fi connections will be faster

And who doesn’t like that? With faster speed we can get high-quality streaming, download the heaviest files within seconds or upload stability. The routers with the new Wi-Fi 6 will have the capacity to exchange data 40% faster than the current devices available in Brazil today. Despite that, your Internet Speed will also have to be very fast for you to be able to take advantage of all the benefits available for devices that will have this kind of new standard allowed by Brazil.

This is not 5G yet, but both technologies will be compatible

The 5G technology will be a different kind of upgrade on the Internet connection with Artificial Intelligence technology. But both are definitely an upgrade to the user experience on the Internet and speed. Companies want the highest capacity in speed and for the lowest price in order to allow everybody to be connected, of course this represents a higher data capacity and the preparation for the compatibility of both technologies. The promise is to bring better performance to mobile users, companies and consumers providing connection everywhere with the highest quality possible. Access points and connection spots will also be possible on larger places such as convention center, sport stadiums and malls, for example.


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