Stores are starting to reopen as number of cases of covid-19 is increasing

The economical pressure on the Brazilian retail commerce that stayed for 2 Months in a practical lockdown was too much. Many business owners couldn’t remain in this situation. So they had to close down their businesses because there was no condition to remain doing businesses, trying to sell a few articles online or through a delivery system. After all many here in Brazil have to cover their expenses with sales and the bills are due Monthly. Many business owners and even the population were desperate for the day when their lives would go back to normal. But a new normality is still to come, even with the attempt to bring businesses back to opening with certain rules. For example, shops in São Paulo were allowed to be opened but employees are taking the temperature of buyers and taking other precautions.

São Paulo was the epicenter of the pandemic in the country

And all the odds are that the situation will continue to be critical for a while, but with 2 months of social distancing a previously very togetherness type of culture is struggling. Brazilians are used to more freedom, the pandemic situation in the country was a bit different from other places. This is probably because we have a huge territory, so numbers were a bit confusing, instead of demonstrating a graphic increase to the point of what we could consider a peak. Now, that we have cases registered in all States in Brazil, we are facing a situation where in each place the disease is spreading differently. Sometimes because the lockdown measures are being administered differently by each Governor and also the age; and the condition of the Health System, that is very different in every place. In São Paulo, the richest State and also with the biggest population in Brazil the number of cases are increasing each day and is still the site with the greatest number of cases and deaths.

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São Paulo is still the State with the largest number of cases of covid-19.


Commerce will reopen on the streets and shopping Malls

The question that remains on the subconscious mind of many in Brazil is if this reopening might be too soon. What does it mean? Well, the social approximation created by the commercial transactions in person on shops and commercial institutions might actually create an increase. This would not necessarily be a second wave, because the situation has not been controlled yet, it seems a desperate measure to contain an economical crisis that might arise as a consequence. But one issue remains, and we might see the result in a few days, what if the amount of cases of covid-19 increase alarmingly? From many medical and health related sources in Brazil, the situation in the Intensive Care Units is worrying. Some Medical Care professional are already declaring that the capacity of Hospitals in Brazil is reaching to its full.

Testing for a vaccine against covid-19 will start this Month

The potential vaccine started to be tested last Week, developed by the University of Oxford having the cooperation of the Federal University of São Paulo. The permit to test in Brazil was given by the Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) and about 2 thousand people are expected to become a part of the stages for evaluating the efficacy of the vaccine. Lily Yin Weckx, coordinator at Reference Center for Special Immunobiologicals, said:

The most important thing is to carry out the first phase of the study now, while the epidemiological curve is still on the rise and results may be more assertive …

The results are still expected and the selected people are preferably those who work directly with patients contaminated with the coronavirus. So this means, that most people chosen for this special study will be probably medical professionals or people working directly in Hospitals. The formal registration of the vaccine will only occur after such tests are taken and proper results are considered for the population.


Brazilians are anxious to go back to their normal lives again, not only because of financial reasons. They love to go out shopping, and of course, this helps the economy to continue running. But there are very serious worries related to the fact that the social return even though with restrictions, the number of people infected might increase and we already have a very loaded Health System. Did you like the information we shared here? Don’t forget to like our post and follow us on our LinkedIn page for more international news related to Brazil.