Many are trying to go back to previous normality, but is it possible?

In some European countries people are going to the third Month of quarantine. And yes, it is really surprising because nobody was expecting that our so valued personal freedoms would be controlled because of a virus. But of course, this disruption was not expected even in the worst-case scenarios of many economical specialists. Now we are facing a new type of reality where wearing masks, having security guards taking your temperature and downloading apps to connect your ID with the fact that your are healthy; might be the new normality. Businesses are also adapting to this new reality, diminishing the amount of employees and increasing the investments over online customer care services.

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Even the Brazilians, that are famous for being people, that value human presence will have to adapt.


Brazilian businesses are starting to change their businesses

There are ways of doing businesses today that were not available 20 years ago for example. A new type of Revolution, also know as the Industry 4.0 that allows people, among other things, to connect through a personal computer; is responsible for much of the salvation of businesses today. Many people were capable of maintaining their commerces via apps with delivery systems and sales online, and now are finding that they have a good market niche with it. Difficult times can also be an opportunity for the development of new ways to interact and this is just what many businesses in Brazil have learnt in this situation. Others are pushing for opening stores, for example, in Shopping Malls, maybe too soon. Next week we might see the possible results of this situation in numbers, that means sometimes losses of lives and disruption in families.

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Brazilians are realizing that adapting the businesses to a kind of integrated business with online and physical shops together.


This is probably the safest way

We can’t deceive ourselves thinking that the covid-19 pandemic is a conspiracy theory, we all feel afraid of having a severe case at home. This is a reality and our ethical responsibility with our loved ones, and our own health, is to maintain social distancing. Of course, this is the most reasonable thing to do before a vaccine is developed and actually the results are considered to be effective. Tests on humans are being conducted in Brazil; by two major international laboratories, in conjunction with some States. This is a huge hope but still we might be careful because the vaccine is still expected. So why many stores in Brazil are opening and people are lining up on Shopping Mall entrances to shop? Maybe because they want to feel a little bit of a normality in their lives and what it was before the pandemic, but this might increase the numbers of people that will be contaminated.

Brazilian latest news
Brazil is already the second in the World in number of cases of covid-19, overtaking UK recently.


Apparently, we have already overtaken Great-Britain

Numbers are going up in Brazil drastically, but we might see more increments after measures to open businesses again have been taken. Of course, different situations are occurring in several States in Brazil and the Government has decided that this will also be a local decision related to the policies in the commercial area. No matter what, this is a bit of a worrying situation because we don’t know yet the effects of, for example, travelling to buy supplies for shops; might have on the spreading of the disease. Our Health System is already loaded and we are not yet on the verge of going back to a new normality. So Brazil is not in a post-pandemic situation; we are still looking to a worrying horizon.


In this article we talked about the current situation in Brazil, we are still on the verge of an increasing curve related to the covid-19 pandemic. Still, many are demanding to go back to their normal lives, but this might be a little too soon, maybe if we could wait for the development of a vaccine or reaching the same situation as Europe; this could be a little more cautious for the sake of the country. Did you like the information we shared in this article? Don’t forget to like our post and follow our latest stories on LinkedIn, staying in touch with us for more international and Brazilian news.