A Research by the Fortune Magazine has come up with some impressive results

Even the best minds in the business world are showing some degree of pessimism related to a fast economical recovery. At least, so it shows a recent research that surveyed opinions by the CEOs belonging to the list of the 500. Most of them believe that the recovery process will be difficult and slow for economies all over the World. The results show a very unusual perspective, because specialists in businesses were more optimistic when the situation started. But as the Months went by, also the optimistic views of the near future; along with the idea that we were going to be able to solve the economical situation fast diminished. (Download the chart of the survey by Fortune results here).

But in some areas there is change for the better

One example of that is related to Companies that were already very much into the technological advances for people all over the planet. Many had employees that were already working in a Home Office regime, so we can consider that nothing has actually changed. One of the questions made by the Fortune Magazine, that is rather very interesting, was such:

When will at least 90% of your workforce have
returned to their usual  workplace?


Almost 30% of the Companies’ CEOs answered that they will never return employees to the usual workplace. Other 20% answered that it will happen only by January of 2021. But Home Office is still one of the less-expensive alternatives for businesses to remain opened and running during the lockdown times. Other businesses that depended of social interactions are going through difficult situations and are closed for almost 2 Months. Another finding that was very interesting: Companies that are very interesting for investors even during the pandemic were the ones that deal with technology.

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During the covid-19 pandemic, technological Companies were the top investors choice.


The greatest growers even with Covid-19 are the Companies in the technology areas

One of the greatest reasons for this situation is that technologies currently, such as Wi-Fi and roaming services are considered completely essential today. Cloud computing companies are actually feeling no effect at all or having greater profits because of the type of technologies they offer. Among those enterprises that had profits in 2019 and are still continuing profitable:

Many Companies in the aviation industry are the most affected

Travels and also cargo air shipments were probably the most affected so far by the covid-19 pandemic. Many flights between countries are cancelled for Months now and with no expectations to return to normal. Many air Companies are trying to get deals in order to remain in business with expensive airplanes, staff and other large bills already due. Others are getting some subsidizing from the Governments but even the State is having difficulties to keep helping the economic stability in many countries that were already facing difficulties. So you might be asking yourself why should we discuss about adaptations to this new reality if this might be considered a temporary situation? Well, some results of this new and different way to deal in businesses and commerce might not be so temporary. We might have permanent changes in the way we study and do business using more and more of the technology available and this might increase during the next few years.


In this article we talked about the latest business news related to the current situation with the covid-19 pandemic effects on the International commerce. We also discussed a survey related to the Fortune 500 and the questions that were dealt with over the latest events. Did you like the information we shared here? Don’t forget to share our words to all your friends and follow us on our LinkedIn page for more interesting news about the World Economy.