Marketing strategies in pandemic times also must be based on relationships

In times of social distancing many businesses are questioning themselves about their ability to maintain regular customers. And even to build a relationship with new ones, because a returning one is a person that have a friendship with your Company. Marketing strategies that are directed to increase traffic and capture leads are important in this time as never before, so there are new ways available for creating an online presence that are efficient for starting a long-term business partnership. As Companies are facing other economic uncertainties that are not necessarily related to the pandemic, technology changes and businesses go more into the Internet with Artificial Intelligence so different abilities are going to be fundamental.

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A well-developed Website, that is capable to capture data from clients securely will be very important to let Companies use that data captured to send e-mails, sales offers, etc. that will allow building a closer relationship even through the Internet.


People like to be heard

More than never before, transactions and exchanges through the Internet are becoming the new norm. So, there are things that a new online entrepreneur or even the ones that are more experienced can do to improve engagement and also the capture leads. Let’s check some important ways to do that and make sure that your presence online is felt in the right way:

1 – Get the opinion of your customers

Surveys are not only trendy, they can actually raise your online presence by listening to your client’s opinions regarding several topics. First of all, the best thing to do would be to define a persona that corresponds to the characteristics that are most common on your clients. Then you will guess what are they interested in talking about; and how could you engage them by making online surveys that might seem interesting to them when they might be checking their Facebook feed, for example.

2 – E-mails are great channels of communication

Instead of sending unpersonal messages that might be dismissed because you can issue them using some other personal information that your client already provided. For example, you will be sending an e-mail for 300 registered users and clients with their names on it and inviting them personally to know more about this new product or service that you offer. You might even send them interesting news, congratulations on a personalized message in case you have their birth date. It will be important to keep your brand in the subconscious mind of your client.

3 – Make sure you have a good Blog

Google and other Search Engine Algorithms evaluate user experiences with the time they spend reading your Blog. Having a good Blog, with solid and interesting information is also a way to always keep getting traffic and followers that will check your page whenever they can in order to see what’s new. Always check for good topics and also writers specialized in SEO for maintaining a blog along with your pages that might have interesting links, leading the audience to your shop.

4 – Rewards to the most loyal customers

This is a great way to strengthen a relationship with customers even if they are relating to you only online. Remember that your brand has to be in their subconscious mind. But the main idea is to keep a good partnership with your client and maintain that for the longest time possible. You can use several techniques to do that and with great results because this will create an interactive platform that might be very important for the construction of a relationship.

Creating a connection will be fundamental by now

In the current situation, many businesses that had a presence online already almost didn’t feel any impact because of the pandemic situation. People kept buying many things online, and that started to include groceries and food, those businesses that were already online could keep going. And for a Company to be present actually on the Internet, there are strategies and different ways to approach businesses if you want to create a presence that is lucrative online, it might take time of course. In the current pandemic we have seen that this might be an important alternative form to keep going with businesses.


In this article we talked about how can businesses start developing an online presence. Building a strong relationship with the clients and capturing leads to use in the right way might be fundamental for an online marketing strategy that is actually effective. Did you like the information discussed in this article? Don’t forget to like our post and follow us on our LinkedIn page for more news about international businesses and economics!