British producer is already experimenting on humans in large-scale

Last Week in Brazil the announcement had already been done that a $127m Agreement for the production of an experimental drug, which will be used as a vaccine against covid-19 is taking place. The vaccine will be produced in Brazil by AstraZeneca and is already showing promising signs of efficacy against the coronavirus. The brand is considered to be a great candidate to be the first one to be able to actually develop an efficient solution to the pandemic that has locked the whole world inside their homes. There are currently more than a dozen Companies and Laboratories collaborating to develop quickly a vaccine for the problem, that currently is also the main cause of an Economic crisis around the globe.

AstraZeneca is considered to be the Company with the most advanced testing capacity so far

There are other laboratories also testing in Brazil that have come up with hopeful and optimistic results. We might also be on the verge of something never seen before. Because, there are different laboratories that actually might come up with a vaccine in one way or another. So we have two things very distinctive from our past experiences with vaccines in the History:

Brazilian latest news
Besides the British laboratory, there is a Chinese partnership with Brazil that is also developing trials and is already in advanced phases of testing for the vaccine against covid-19.


The AstraZeneca vaccine was developed with the help of the University of Oxford

The partnership between Brazil and the UK, as we said before is not the only one. We are conducting other trials with other Countries, Universities and Laboratories. The objective is to develop a vaccine as quick as possible that is actually effective and secure to be used on humans of all ages. There are possibilities for different types of effectiveness in those products so we might be in front of drugs that can be differently effective for people of several ages, with diverse health conditions that could have an impact on the severity of the covid-19 evolution process after the infection.


Brazilian latest news
Fundação Fiocruz in Brazil will be responsible for the production of the British vaccine.


Even though other laboratories are also involved in the production of vaccines and in advanced phases of against the covid-19 vaccine. The Foundation in Brazil is also responsible for the production of other types of vaccines in our country and currently will partner for the production of 30 millions doses initially in our Territory. Certainly, there will be needed much more production capacity in order to put things back to normal. So, many laboratories might get involved in this effort and also probably exchange technologies for the sake of saving lives and, clearly, economies. Because we know that the deadly potential of this virus is considerably small, but the spreading and how it chooses its fatal victims might seem a mistery still.


In this article, we talked about the possible production of a covid-19 vaccine that might start getting produced this year. This is the first time in the human History that we might be looking at the possibility of the production of a vaccine in such a small amount of time. Could it be possible that we can beat the covid-19 by 2021? This would be saving many economies, lives and our lifestyle. Did you like the current post? Don’t forget to like our article and follow us on our LinkedIn page for more international current news!