Oxford and Chinese vaccines under trial are on advanced stages

The potential vaccines under different study stages in the whole world are being conducted. But particularly 2 that are taking place in Brazil are on advanced stages. One of them is a Chinese drug that is already on later points of testing and is also getting used already on 9,000 volunteers. The other vaccine that is already on human testing stages on a larger scale conducted in Brazil is financed by an UK Company. The test for both vaccines are expected to take about 3 Months and many are seeing it as a hope for getting back to their normal lives as it was before the pandemic.

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Many people are asking if this could become a commercial dispute between economic powers, besides a public Heath Problem.


Independently of being from a particular nation, people are willing to take it

As this is a life-threatening issue, even more for the weaker such as elderly people and others with Health related issues, for them it won’t matter. If this become a commercial war about who has the best patent, the most efficient vaccine or whatever; we have reached a point where people are willing to pay for a vaccine. And it won’t matter if it comes from China or the UK, they want to take the vaccine to solve the problem. Even with the vaccine ready, lets suppose that people starts buying it and, certainly, some pockets will be full of money because of that. So we are allowed to ask some important questions that relate ethics, science and lives.

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It is not only the problem of the production of a vaccine against covid-19. There are ethical issues and human rights problems that have to be addressed for the production of this vaccine. But, yeah, we are racing against time for taking our lives back to normal again.


This is not only an issue that will affect Health Care

Definitely, no, we are dealing with an ethical issue when it comes to the development of a vaccine against covid-19. Many countries in the World already have a system that actually got laws that will care for the health of an individual. This means that a person might have the right to receive the vaccine supported by their own government. This might increase, of course, many taxes that are already considered high in countries under development stages economically. In the case of Brazil, the tax burden is already high, our Educational and Health Systems, are considered to be still developing in terms of standards. Many will not be able to buy a vaccine, depending on the price they come up with that, and at first it might be at some point more expensive for the ones chosen to be the lucky ones to get it early. There are elderly already saying they are saving money to buy the vaccine when tests are completed to be able to be firstly vaccinated and inoculated against the risks of the covid-19 serious cases.


In this article we are talking about the great news of a near developed vaccine against covid-19 in Brazil. But also, we are facing some ethical issues with it as the arising of this fast vaccine is also linked to Companies that might profit from it. Did you like the information we shared in this article? Please don’t forget to like our post and share it with all your friends on Social Media. We have a LinkedIn page that shows all the news and international subjects we are talking about, so don’t forget to follow us there too!


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