People are using the Internet to shop

Many products that are considered essential or not (such as apparel) are bought through the Internet now mostly. But it is clear that the current situation is causing en economic turmoil. Businesses are continuing because they already had a good infrastructure that allowed them to sell their products online. Of course that during the pandemic, other businesses that were running smoothly physically felt the impact and had to adapt to a new reality. Systems that were not already fully implemented had to accelerate the pace in order to provide technology for delivery apps and online shops. The so-called, e-commerces had a booming period with covid-19 that was faster than ever.

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Companies were already prepared for an increase in online shopping. Of course, that we could not possibly see what was going to happen in the future. In the middle of a Pandemic that made billions of people prefer to shop online as a safer way to get what the need, some profit.


An increase was already expected but now we are facing a migration

Yes, there has been a huge migration from the presentially maintained businesses, and this includes restaurants and food services. By this time, most ventures that are keeping their related services have gone online to be able to withstand the lockdown for Months. Analysts were already predicting a change from the normal commercial standards that require a physical presence to the Internet. Products of all kinds, with detailed descriptions related to sizes, colors and designs are available online and sometimes if you add the amount of the shipment taxes get even cheaper if you buy them online. So, there are many factors that make e-commerce platforms very appealing, such as:

Large e-commerces are running as never

The mostly benefited online commerces in this current situation are the large businesses that would already ship worldwide. In the middle of April, the American giant, Amazon had impressive sales results that could make the sad history of the impact of he Pandemic on our Economy a little less pessimistic in a strange way. Currently expenses on the shopping Website that sells pretty much of everything have reached US$ 11 (thousand) per second. So as you read this text, people are purchasing continuously on Amazon. This is a record high of sales during probably the most difficult time for many businesses that were already struggling with economical results. The big question of all that situation is if it is ethical or if there is something wrong related to increasing profit in this drama. The answer to that question is that those businesses are gaining “in” the crisis not “with” this pandemic, so the ratio is not actually unethical and might be beneficial for customers and businesses.


In this article we were talking about how online e-commerce Companies are profiting big even with the hardest time in the history for many businesses. Amazon had a prominence on all of this, but other market places and online shops are surviving mostly with their Internet efforts, and this is a reality even for the food business. Many restaurants are surviving with delivery systems. Maybe we are now reaching to a place where even in the hardest time for businesses, adapting to the reality of the new normality might be a way to keep the Economy up and running while we are in lockdown.


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