When opportunities don’t seem so enthusiastic

Some specialists in Sociology, Politics and related subjects are already stating new terminology regarding our current situation: Corona Times. And in times like this, some of us feel lost, sometimes uncertain about what to do with our professional and financial issues. But this is not the only problem because we are all facing a real Health issue, many people are in serious condition, also many cases of casualties. It is almost like people are starting to feel guilty about thinking of starting a business or coming up with new ideas for their current ventures.

Beyond the weight of our emotions

What we are going through is difficult and challenging, many people actually are not only running out of money. Much of our emotions of hope and eagerness are crucial for the entrepreneurial spirit. But what should we do when the reality just keep showing us that not only the economy is going to a downturn. Remember that the History just keep repeating itself, so it was possible to recover from crises that were actually more threatening in the past. People need to maintain businesses, but not only that; they need to hope for a better future. This is an important part of what we can call our fuel helping to getting us through.

Certainly people have to keep some normality in their lives. But not only that, businesses might even rise in 2020 with the right intentions and ideas.


So it is not just about making money, we need to move forward

At some level, anyone can diminish their income to a minimum in times of difficulties. There are many families that are actually living with some governmental help, and this is happening all over the world. But at some point, they also want to create a different way of keeping running businesses. And not only that, we also need to have expectations about the future, many have lost their jobs and are also trying ways to create a form of income. So people basically can’t leave their homes unless they go to places such as the supermarket, some have no job expectations this year but also need to start doing something about their own future. It is not about denying that the problem exists and also the terrible consequences for many lives, but accepting the reality that we need to move with our lives, respectfully but as a necessity for improving our current situation.

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Is it possible to see a kind of a lesson in all of what we are going through? Maybe more than you think.

Can we actually learn something from having to wear a mask on our mouths?

Of course the first thing we might think is that this facial mask, though for our own safety is not comfortable at all. But a face mask might have also some meaning that is related to control. And this is way more real than conspiracy theories out on the Internet about wearing them. Can we reflect on what was our way to relate to other people and talk about them before the coronavirus spree? Now you might be missing that old friend that used to come by your house for fun. What type of value were we giving to people? Our desperate attempts for perfection, running all the time behind money and working each ear a little bit more for less than the year before. Now, we are all by ourselves in our houses and maybe thinking that sometimes we take things that are very important for granted.


In this article we talked about some deep challenges and meanings during the time that the whole world is going through. Now we might be facing different objectives based on our changed perspective that is very distinct from anything expected on 2019. Did you like our post? Don’t forget to follow us on our LinkedIn page for more interesting international news!


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