After lockdowns, out and in, many are trying a restart

Because of the pandemic, a major loss of jobs all over the World is causing an economical recession. But this is not the main problem for many, most companies are migrating maybe for good to Home Offices. And this might not only seem to be saving money previously spent on office space rents and other expenses. It is also time saving for employees that are working from Home, because they don’t have to sometimes drive one hour or more to go to work. This might seem, from a certain point of view an interesting opportunity. In no way this is a mean to diminish the impact of the covid-19 over human lives, the fear and losses within families. But we all need to understand that even in lockdown times, or fearing of contracting a potentially deadly disease; we need to maintain our finances in a certain normality level.

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In Brazil some measures are already softening. Though the economy is not yet back to normal. Many companies are deciding they don’t want to go back, they want to move forward.


More than anything we are deciding we don’t want to look back

We might go out of this lockdown with a feeling that things were not so good in the past anyway. And maybe better decisions should be taken so we also obtain better results. In that way we might use something that seem very negative to at least obtain knowledge and learn with the experience. And maybe overcome other difficulties we had in the past or change some distorted and negative perceptions that were leading us to situations and outputs not necessarily wanted. So, even if this is not a time for joy, you can actually see a future coming up in the horizon. If it is going to be better or not, will depend only on you and how you behave or make decisions from now on.

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Like it or not, many countries have provided emergency financial aids that helped us through and also kept families a bit safer.


Financial emergency helps all over the world maintained some stability

Even though considerably low, financially speaking this sort of income helped people keep social distancing, making it a little less stressful. If that type of help didn’t come when the virus started to spread and lockdowns were determined, we could be in a much more worrying situation economically. But now, we are thinking about new possibilities, scenarios where we might work from Home, spend less and earn more because expenses shrank too with online businesses models. So if we look from a different perspective, the coronavirus pandemic might be causing, not a economical crisis, but a rapid shift in the pattern of how we conduct our work and operate our ventures. Now we have to look beyond and start a paradigm shift on our patterns of working. It might be the age of the highest efficiency with the least possible expenditures we might get by Working from Home. Our Internet connection have to be stable and businesses can keep running, marketing online and delivering products with efficient sites and systems.


In this article we are discussing one important issue that is starting to come up after the worst times we faced during the covid-19 pandemic. It is not just that people can face difficult situations and get over the past, many are starting to think that now with the online opportunities we are actually in the face of business opportunities more than ever before. Did you like the information we shared in this article? Don’t forget to like our LinkedIn page to check more about international news, topics and discussions about interesting subjects.


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