The Program was idealized to help small companies during the social restraining measures

During 2020 many companies needed an Emergency Help to keep running, some restaurants for example were unable to open up during Months. Many were only able to sell their items online, so sales on regular shops have dropped a lot. We also have to keep in mind that those companies are the ones maintaining a great part of the jobs on our country. Of course, they are from small to medium enterprises and businesses that were clearly affected by the situation. So thinking about that, the Brazilian Federal Government has provided easier access to credit in an Emergency Program managed by the BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development).

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For many Companies, this kind of easier access to credit helped businesses keep running during strict measures of social distancing.

Resources available are promoting easier access to credit

According to BNDES there are 52 thousand companies that have already been helped by the Emergency Program. The Peac, Portuguese acronym for (Programa Emergencial de Acesso ao Crédito) is attending businesses that are responsible for 2,3 million people. This number includes employees and owners that also have families and financial responsibilities that certainly will impact other peoples lives and the Economy. Now that the number of covid-19 cases is starting to go down in Brazil, people are starting to understand that the Emergency resources available were crucial for the Brazilian businesses.The Peac Program contemplates, so far, companies that had an income ranging from 360 thousand reais until 300 million reais in 2019.

Also denominated by the BNDES as the Emergency Automatic Loan

The owners of businesses will have easier access, but not only that, the rates will be as low as possible. The waiting period can be up to 36 months for starting the payments. Companies that will be borrowing more than 200 thousand reais will have up to 5 years to pay the bill, which might be actually very helpful for many. The maximum amount to be put out for companies will be 2.5 million reais within 12 months, per client or Company. Policies will depend on the Financial Institution that might b offering of the loan, the Company also might consider Banks that are offering the most interesting rates in order to be able to recover after Months inside a sort of a regression process.

Brazilian Latest News
All over the World, Economies were considerably safe because of each country’s respective version of this Emergency Credit and Aid Plan.


Will we be able to financially survive?

Probably, anything can happen, such as a new wave of infections and lockdowns. This certainly will impact a recovering Economy. But many were surprised because they were expecting a terrible year, financially speaking. But this was not so, many people were having much more trouble trouble with their daily lives. Some companies were actually able to profit because they were already running online businesses before the pandemic.Not to mention, Internet and Television services and networks that are becoming more than never crucial assets to Companies. So maybe we are not handling a complete economical failure of the World Systems, but a never seen before capacity of dealing with our businesses through the Internet. We had a pandemic that might be compared to situations that happened before, but the World also never had a technology such as of the current times. So this gave us a scenario never experienced in History, and yes economically the reality is better than we expected.


In this article we talked about the Emergency Loan options provided by the BNDES helping Brazilian Companies to recover after the social distancing measures. Did you like the information we are discussing today? Don’t forget to like our post and follow our LinkedIn page for more interesting international news and discussions.


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