Scientific studies are indicating that this type of protection can be reached

It can actually be possible, but this type of immunity will not replace other types of treatment such as vaccines. According to a study published by the medRxiv platform the estimate for herd immunity is at approximately 20% of the population. So you might be considering what this estimate actually mean in simple words. This kind of immunization, if you could call it that way, is the fraction of the population that can become exempt from the covid-19 problem, and then they will not spread it. Theoretically, this type of protection will allow for a portion of the people to be immune, so the virus will, of course, stop spreading. So if it stops the spreading, the disease will at some point disappear as a consequence of people not having it.

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The herd immunity logic is based on the reason that if nobody has the disease, also there is now way for other people to get contaminated.


But is this really effective?

Many people might be asking as covid-19 is a disease that is easily spreaded, so this idea might not be so connected to reality. And this is just the reason why many respected scientists kind of doubt that the herd immunity might be a reality within the next few Months with covid-19. We are socially distancing as possible, but so far statistics indicates that the herd immunity might only be a reality after a vaccine is produced.

Rumors about problems with vaccine trials in Brazil

So far people are not sure if rumors that one family had serious reactions related to the development of the vaccine are truthful. And if they are, also it does not mean a sign that the vaccine can not be produced soon, the greater probability is that some changes might be necessary or more tests in order to make it available for the general population. Those rumors have actually been a reason for many people expecting it as the solution against the social distancing measures, lockdowns and other health cares that are disturbing businesses.

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Vaccine trials are already under way, but with some difficulties. So we might get a vaccine later than we expected for the general population.


Until we don’t get to the point we want

Many people are already counting 2020 as a year that went by and nobody realized it, plans were cancelled, families and business were also broken. Now, we are dealing with a possible economical crisis that was only attenuated because many people could go to their Home Offices as the social distancing measures went on. Politicians didn’t know what to do, let people go out to work and certainly risk themselves or put everyone in lockdown; and stop businesses that are crucial for the Economical health of countries. But now we are already dealing with it, Brazil is already starting to recover as far as the amount of people contaminated goes down. And today we know that the majority of people who get covid-19 will not die or have long-term problems. So people are more relaxed, and can’t wait to go back to their normal lives, not to mention kids that were in lockdown for Months without school.


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