Besides corona, situations with asteroids on 2020 are becoming more usual

And in the middle of the whole situation this is happening on 2020, because it seems that we are living on a abnormal year, And yes we have only 2 Months for the end of the year, did you realize it? And what a year that many will not forget not only because some might have lost dear ones. We were obligated to use masks to go out of the house and even, for some, inside their own houses. Now something that seems premonitory might happen during the United States Presidential elections this year. An asteroid with the size of a refrigerator might cross the Earth’s atmosphere and could collide with us and, if not, will pass very close. In cosmological terms, it means about 450 thousand kilometers of distance from the Earth. But there is a slight chance of collision, only one day before the Election.

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2020 was a difficult year for most people in the world. But maybe a chance to think about doing things differently could be the lesson.


A chance to make things differently?

For many 2020 will have a political situation between right and left, both have different proposals for solving the coronavirus problem. Of course, a vaccine that can be efficient might be just the right answer if it would be able to last not only for 4 or 6 Months. At least a vaccine that is efficient enough for our immune system to fight the coronavirus properly can be expected by the end of the year. But if not, can we take something good from all of that besides, of course, a learning experience? Maybe yes, the E-commerces and also Apps for delivery of many goods can be considered most likely the great saviours of many economies. Technology really had a great place in this current, abnormal situation, helping keeping most people safer and continuing buying goods of all kinds.

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The US Presidential Election in 2020 might bring expectations that might be beyond reality.

So, what do the stars have to do with it?

During the past human History, people used to connect star events to major changes in the world. Well this year, specially, just one day before the expected United States of America Presidential Election an asteroid with approximately 2 meters of diameter will pass really near us. And some scientists say that it can actually enter the atmosphere, could it be a sign that a more important event is happening after covid-19? Because many say that the odds for Trump to gain are high and a turmoil of Political opposition might be on sight. But independently of practical jokes or relationships between heaven and earth, this year will certainly have to be studied and discussed on History books. The economy was expected to be much worse, this would be a reality if we didn’t have all the digital means of today.

Despite the approximation odds are small for collision

Even with the approximation, and if the asteroid enters the Earth it will be unlikely to cause anything but a great view of the Sky after splashing into the atmosphere. In the earthly realms the dispute is quite divided, odds are for Trump as we told before but in many States the feelings seem more for the Democrats. We think that the Republicans will have a second turn on the podium this year for more four years on the Presidency of the United States, But maybe this is only written in the stars and we might have lost the ability to see that a long time ago.


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