This is what so many Brazilians were expecting

The problems related to covid-19 in Brazil are almost driving some States in the country to a total collapse. The State of Amazonas, for example, one of the most important in terms of agriculture and even Nature for the whole world. The city of Manaus is the Capital of Amazonas and is now needing to take patients to other cities. The Health structure of the city is not being able to help all the patients in need of hospitalization and also needing ICU care. Hospitals in the Capital are not disposing of enough oxygen machines to assist everyone. There are many discussions about how Brazilian cities have come to this situation. One of the things worth mentioning is the fact that during the Holliday Season at the end of the year many people forgot the social distancing measures. They went traveling, visiting relatives and things that most of them were used to do every year for their whole lives. Now, we might be seeing a situation that is a kind of terrible reality that came after that.

The decisions for vaccinations campaign still this year in Brazil relieved many

The reason it took longer than in other Countries was mainly political, some specialists are discussing if the vaccine from China should actually be bought. There is also the point that this particular vaccine is considered less efficient than the one from Pfizer Laboratories, for example. But in countries that are getting vaccines by now, the situation is not good still. So we are facing challenging times, which require us to develop a capacity to adapt. Actually, the virus itself is becoming stronger in terms of the capacity of infecting and with at least 3 variations that are worrying scientists by now. One variation right now in Amazonas is making scientists worried and could become like a stronger flu version without enough remedy. We mean that the immunity rate for people who had the disease is so far counted mostly in 6 Months, for those who got it and survive. Variants are adapted with a mutation exactly in the protein of our cells that was considered a possible defense for our bodies It means that those variants of the virus are stronger in the way they get into the cells of the human body.

The fact of not having enough equipment in hospitals from Amazonas (Brazil) might spread even more the dangerous variations created, patients are being transported to other States.


People are blaming politicians

But is this real? Maybe to some extent, for example profiting with syringes, needles, medical equipment, overpricing them is at least immoral in a moment like this. The blame for mutations, the severity of the cases, and the virus itself couldn’t be on their hands. But one thing we might be aware of is that every place that you went to during the End of the Year. If you went to the beach or other places full of people. Somehow you were at risk, and many people knew about it, the fact is that they can’t take anymore the possibility of another year in lockdown separated from loved ones, schools closed, and everything that was going on during 2020. Even after taking both dosages of the vaccine will we be still at risk of getting a mutation that might be even worse? For this, we can’t blame any politician whether they are right-wingers or not and all you could make is taking the vaccine and still be under social isolation. Let’s expect that the year of 2021, with massive vaccination programs might at least diminish the impacts of the pandemic on our families and economy.


In this article, we are discussing the current situation in Brazil after people went off Social Isolation restrictions during the Festivities at the end of the year. Don’t forget to follow our page on Linkedin and also sharing your opinion on such an extreme situation. Will 2021 be a challenging year? Are we ready to face mutations of the virus after taking vaccines and start fearing again another pandemic situation? Of one thing we can be sure, we might also get a challenging 2021, and could get ready for it now!


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