Self-starter businesses might be the solution for many

After 2020, with lockdown restrictions, many that had small businesses had to remodel themselves if they wanted to continue operating. Internet-based companies with employees working in a regime of Home Office were the possible savers within the situation. But many saw also an opportunity of making money. This is because the solutions with Apps, VPNs, and Online Shops made not only the Companies continuing operating. CEOs saw the Internet as a solution to keep continuing to deliver products and food. In this article, we will see 5 options of businesses that you might want to invest if you need to make some money.

The solutions implemented by the Companies for direct sellers such as Personal Websites have actually impressive results.

1- Sell products online

The direct sales sector actually grew during lockdowns, you might be wondering why. Because as we all know this is a way of making sales that needs a person directly in contact with another. Or specifically meaning, the seller and the person who will buy a product choosing from pictures in a Catalog that already went through several hands. But people were able to manage the situation using the Internet. This includes products from makeup and personal care to medical-grade solutions.

There are plugins that are now used for online shops that can customize a retail product the way the client wants.

2- Craftsmanship and customization

People were actually capable of making a living and even starting a business during the pandemic. If you are talented at customizing things or doing some handicraft work, you might want to consider this. Your shop could also be cheaper because an online business is cheaper as we have already seen previously. Customization is a growing market that can be suitable for online selling, you might take pictures of your products with your smartphone and expose your product online. It works like a storefront for your products and also showing the things you are capable to do for people all around the world.

Many freelancing professionals were already working from Home even before the pandemic.

3 -Graphic design, digital marketing, and freelancing online

There are several professionals that already sell their work online, and many of them were able to make a living with it. Actually, this is one of the most requested types of work in the market because if you will need an online business you will need a professional design. But not only that, professional writers and other kinds of freelancers such as photographers. This is a type of business that can be done from home and will actually remain during lockdowns or not. Professionals of those areas were already working from Home, considering developers too that will continue freelancing and working for Companies at their Home Office.

Food Delivery Apps might be an excellent investment as nutrition is considered essential for human society.

4 – Invest in the food sector

There are sites and applications that are specific for delivery, also being considered an essential area. Therefore, even in the case of a pandemic situation, you might consider an investment. Applications that manage the delivery and shopping of different types of food so might be regarded as a critical factor for people. This is why we chose this kind of business opportunity for you to start investing during the year 2021.


5 – Stock market

Many might consider this kind of investing a bit dangerous now but, if you take Amazon into consideration for example it had exponential growth. So if you have this type of wisdom to invest, because pharmaceutical or medical Companies went huge since the start of the pandemic, this might be considerable. Stock market investing might be considered a bit risky but if you do it the right way you might also profit from it.


In this article, we were talking about options for you to start a new business even during lockdown times. Considering that even before the pandemic hit we had already problems such as robberies and dangerous places, we could consider solutions to keep our businesses running. If you liked our article, please don’t forget to follow our LinkedIn page for more information about international and Brazilian affairs.


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