The struggle for vaccinating Brazilians is promising

Right now the moment in Brazil is the hardest probably during the covid pandemic. The lockdowns are strict and businesses are feeling it heavily. But this is not the only problem, there is a huge contingent of people in Brazil that sells goods and all types of merchandise on the streets. Those people need their daily income as a basis for their sustenance, this is why the economical difficulties are really high right now. As with other countries, Brazil is also providing some emergency aid, but the value is completely absurd. The total amount for the people who will get such aid in more strict lockdown times is completely absurd. In Reais, the average value will be rated as 250.00. This represents about 44 dollars according to the quotation of the dollar currently. A person will barely be able to buy some amount of food with this kind of aid, so the need to go back to normality is also related to the possibility of providing their own sustenance.

The situation currently has never been seen in the history of Brazil. Basically, all beds reserved for Intensive Care are being used for covid-19 treatment.

Vaccines from all over the World

Brazil is currently purchasing different vaccines from all over the world, as well as offering partnerships for producing and researching. So vaccines in partnership with China and even UK were a reality in many States in Brazil. Even though we are purchasing many vaccines we are also having a logistics problem. But not only that, Brazil also needs to deal with storing as some kinds of vaccines developed and already being distributed need low degrees for housing accordingly. People are lost because the variants that came up with this second or third wave is not choosing the most serious victims by age. Brazil was vaccinating the elderly first, but healthy and young people are also getting serious and even deceased. So now, the struggle that is not only in Brazil is the capacity to fabricate and distribute properly those vaccines for all kinds of populations.

We purchased so many dosages, where are they. This is the question that many are asking. There is a problem with the distribution of enough dosages.

After 49 days of vaccination since the first dosages of the immunizing liquid, only a small part of the population took both dosages

Many consider that this delay was because of political struggles inside the country. According to The Globo Newspaper, only 3.75% of the population were able to get their immunization dosages. So what could be happening with all the studies and purchases from the Country that is not speeding up this process? We are dealing with a very serious situation that is not only about businesses getting closed and broken. Almost all cities in Brazil have exhausted their capacity to take care of patients in Intensive Care Units. This is a situation never experienced in the history of the Country and there is a need to enhance the availability of vaccines to the population. Not only the elderly or people with comorbidities, but every person can also go into a life risky situation when getting covid-19. People that can’t buy their food or sustain their own life with enough nutrition are also at a high risk related to their own health.


The best way to avoid getting covid is staying Home, but many Brazilian families need to provide their daily sustenance.

Now we are also developing a vaccine that is domestic 100%

This vaccine is developed by the Butantan Institute and is only waiting for authorization from regulatory agencies. Some cities with strict lockdown measures have people complaining about the usage of force by the local Police if they try to work. But we have to keep one thing in mind, these people are trying to work not going to parties or casinos as some very big stars in Brazil have been caught. And certainly, those were not victims of abuse of authority, so Brazilians are struggling for their health, their right to work and to walk, sometimes alone, on the streets. Politicians are showing a great capacity of locking people in their houses using the police or other coercive forces, but people want actions for a coordinated plan of vaccination.


In this article, we are discussing the current difficulties for distributing vaccines that are already available. After one year of lockdowns, now getting stricter to people who can’t turn to Home Office that are just desperate. The hospitals are crowded with people contaminated with covid, people want to continue working as this is a major part of their capacity of sustaining their families. And of course, we must consider that people who are well nurtured have more capacity in their immune system to fight viruses and other comorbidities that could represent challenges in those times. Please follow our LinkedIn pages for more interesting articles about Brasil.


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