Struggling against the virus is not a political ploy

Many streams and political views differ in relation to the way we might approach the coronavirus issue. This is not related to recognizing the existence of the risk, but the economic impact of lockdowns in countries like Brazil. Despite the reactions in the media and the declarations of politicians, is extremely important to have the lucidity that the lives of people are above all that. So this is not a struggle of pro-vaccine people and the others who might be against it, actually, it is a battle against this virus that tricks our immune system. So in the medical field, the thoughts are in favor of a vaccine or/and treatments that are actually effective to combat this virus. So the fact of being medication or a vaccine, both if effective are considered good enough for us. As in any other kind of treatment, there is always a risk of side effects, this is something acceptable if you consider the number of people that are getting covid-19 in its more deadly form.

Hospitalizations in Brazil are in their fullest capacity, so to be able to treat and heal the patients faster is crucial.

Hospitals in Brazil are already saturated with people needing intensive care and results

In this manner, GSK will bring a study to Brazil and probably might also conduct studies thinking of medications and vaccines. So, this is not one or the other, both may play a complementary role in the battle against covid-19 and we will check some important differences.

So those are two slightly different ways to deal with the disease and both might work. Right now in Brazil, there is a political polarization which is also disturbing the possible care we could take to handle the situation in a better way. First of all, people are needing to go out to work, just to pay for ordinary bills for the house and food. So we are in a difficult situation related to the pandemic not only economically but also in terms of Hospitalization Capacity. Our hospitals are full now, so to even risk getting the covid-19 and not being able to obtain proper care in some cities is terrifying for some people. Because they know if they develop a serious form of covid-19, they might not get the proper help that they need at the right time.

A virus that has locked us in our houses and even with the most careful ways not to get it, it enters the respiratory system of the human body. So it might be easily transmitted from one person to another, which makes it even more dangerous.

Both paths might help

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) from the UK, developed recently a medication based in antibodies named as VIR-7831. Latest Thursday, Vir Biotechnology and GSK presented a newly developed medication that can be decreasing hospitalizations and deaths by the covid-19 in 85%. The idea of both Companies is to request the authorization and the release of the medication not only in the USA but also in other countries that are severely affected by the pandemic of the covid-19. Itt is still worthy to say that the medication is already in the trial phases. And is expected to bring more hope to patients that are already affected by the disease and others that are still getting more mild forms of covid-19 even after getting infected and even vaccinated.

The Companies that have conducted the study have already done an official statement

Despite the medication is still in the trial phases, the fact that the scientific community attacking the disease in both directions is a hope. But not only for patients that need some form of treatment in a way or another, but that they are really having a scientific approach on the subject not political. And both companies have already made public statements:


The Vir Biotechnology and the GSK announced recently the results of a Phase 3 (COMET-ICE) study, that evaluates the eficacy of the monoclonal antibody VIR-7831 in the early treatment of the Covid-19. The terapy that is developed in partnership between both companies, demonstrating an efficacy so relevant, that the study has been interrupted before the completion of the clinical trials. In this moment, it is premature to tak about a price or the immediate production of the medication, because we still don’t have the regulatory autorization for the commercialization in any country.

The study is still happening but we are already presenting one more form of hope in the struggle against covid-19. And certainly, the lives of people who are getting sick even if taking all possible care are more important than any political argument.


In this article, we are talking about some latest possible really efficient medications against the disease that caused the current pandemic. We have been locked up in our houses in order to stop the curve from spreading this illness that has taken the lives of so many people. And also impacted our economy in a way that nobody was expecting, social interaction is important even for our mental health. If you liked this post, please follow our LinkedIn page for more interesting news and posts about Brazil and current events.


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