Sputnik V is going to be analyzed as an exceptional request

The demand for vaccines in Brazil is not a new issue, but the process of vaccination is still considered slow. But the ruling in favor of using Sputnik V in Maranhão may pave the way for other States. Currently, Brazil is going through the worst situation of not only the number of confirmed cases of covid-19, and unfortunately death tolls that were unthinkable. This is why now the Supreme Court is considering exceptional permission for importing Sputnik V by the end of this month. The State of Maranhão has already filed a lawsuit and is also expected to be automatically authorized to import the dosages that are ready to be distributed to the population. The vaccination process is considered slow because variants of the coronavirus in Brazil are threatening the lives of the young population. Currently, the criteria for vaccination prior to other citizens is age, but now we are facing a different challenge.

A large vaccination campaign for the whole population is expected during the year of 2021.

The decision in favor of Maranhão should change the reality for other States in Brazil

This might not set the standard for only Sputnik V, but also for advancing the delivery and purchases of other vaccines. There are some controversies related to the formation of clogs or even side effects derived from the vaccine application. But if you consider the number of people vaccinated that are actually getting beneficial effects from it might be an option. The most simple medication has the potential to generate side effects, so this is a risk that many people are willing to take. Not only to return to their lives and be able to go out on the street, but also not risking loved family members that might have conditions that are considered risky. So it is important to consider that the World has stopped, but Brazil is going through a crisis that is unprecedented. We already had a sensitive economy and the fact that people could sell and buy regular and small or cheap products on the street would make a living for a huge amount of families. Do these people have the condition to just go online and start doing business through the Internet? Some people do, others don’t so we are facing many challenges with lockdowns.

So many people in Brazil are expecting to get vaccinated and so far things are going slow. There is a need for union between the political organizations of the Country, this is not about political ideology.


Expectations are that the whole adult population of the country gets vaccinated

At least with the options arising, people are starting to get optimistic about the process of vaccinations in Brazil. Of course that the world, and especially Brazil, expect that the vaccination process will be complete by the end of the year. We can all hope for that as there are many important points to be considered that could delay this process. But cases in the younger population exploded in the Country after variants got spread making the younger population fear, but not only that. We had cases of small children that were previously considered asymptomatic. So the production and distribution of vaccines as well as medication that have some efficacy against the virus will be crucial for the whole world during the next few months.

The political struggle is based on difficulties that are historical

We don’t have coordination in the Health System to deal with more cases. The system is collapsing in the country, but Brazil has people that need to go to work on a daily basis. And we are talking about a large amount of the population that does not even have access to the Internet in the first place, to be able to sell products online or do something. So if they don’t get at least the food for maintaining their Health and at the same time the system is collapsing, it means one thing: we are in a very difficult problem. How this problem could be solved? Vaccines and medications for the whole population, the government needs to act in conjunction in order to solve this. So, this is not the time for political struggle related to this, we need a Government that can join forces for the sake of the population.


In this article, we are talking about different questions and making reflections about the situation of covid-19. There is a need for the political class, to be more united to be able to help to deliver the proper care for the population. If you like our content, please don’t forget to follow our LinkedIn page for more international current events!


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