In some places, lockdowns begin to ease but the future for Remote Working continues

Silicon Valley is one of the main examples possible for such examples. This because until some years ago, that place was considered the core of the Tech Companies. As well as a dream job opportunity for technology professionals, but things seem to be changing. Many Companies are actually having second thoughts about returning to their Offices, leaving everyone working from Home. The results of this period of time where people were Working from Home was good enough, the productivity didn’t diminish because of that. This might be the main reason why many CEOs and Executives are realizing that people are as productive or more than usual in their own Homes. For example, a collaborator who is working from Home is not stressed anymore with maybe 30 minutes or more of Traffic to get to their place of Work, being tired and stressed out after that.

With the evolution of technologies that support remote working, people are considering an idea that was before called a “Digital Nomad” lifestyle.

The idea that people can work from anywhere in the World

We are talking about the reality of a team of professionals that are working from different places at the same time. Of course, using some systems that will allow that work to be done. But some examples that became even more apparent are those that we can consider already with some strategies for that, such as:

People who were not a fan of the idea of working from Home are now considering it seriously

One example is the entrepreneur Phil Libin, who is the Executive Chief of the famous note-taking App Evernote. At first, he actually banned videos that were considered meetings of the Company online. He believed that people needed to be talking to each other in a real room to be able to come up with some actual results and ideas. This same entrepreneur actually just moved to Arkansas for his latest adventure in business. A presentation tool that is designed to make the Zoom and Microsoft Teams conference calls more lived up! But he already declared that is not planning to have a Workforce inside an actual physical Company. Now, he is designing a so-called distributed Company that will be dealing with a team working in a remote way for performing their activities.

One of the challenges of CEOs and executives was the search for new talents of people who could easily learn new skills.


Phil Libin is also talking about the ability to hire people from anywhere around the World. About finding a new talent within this new kind of approach he declared that:

I’m never again in my life going to write a job description that says ‘looking for machine learning engineers in San Francisco’ … looking for graphic designers in Tokyo. 100% of our job listings now say global.

What do you think about that? This is possible and even easier in some ways if you think of the reality in Brazil when you need public transportation, hours spent in traffic, etc. This is a reality not only in Brazil, but in many countries, but now a good internet connection and computer skills might be the main requirements to many professionals that will remain in the market after the new normal. We might find vaccines that can diminish the impacts of covid-19 inside our society. But we will change permanently because the experiences with lockdowns were actually very impressive in this area of remote working as a way to remain functioning. And guess what? People found that it was a good way to cut costs and maintain people working without dismissing great talents.


In this article, we were talking about permanent changes in the world of employment and work. Do you think that even after a major part of the world gets vaccinated, Companies will still be functioning remotely for good? We want to hear your opinions about it. Also, don’t forget to like our article and follow us on our Linkedin page for more interesting international topics!


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