A country once known for vaccinating 10 million people in a day against polio

Against the criticism of many of our fellows Brazilians about our Public Health System, the immunization of people was actually considered a role model for other countries previously. So, many are concerned about what might be happening with the covid-19 situation which is causing such a lag in immunizations as cases of the disease rise. Young people are getting covid-19 in its stronger form, but in general, we are those being hit the hardest in comparison to any country in the world. Death cases are surpassing the mark of 390.000 and continuing to rise because the vaccination campaigns that were supposed to start a while ago are delayed. People are getting desperate to get vaccinated but things seem to be slower than ever.

Of course that the question about why this is happening is permeating the thoughts of many people.


We are talking about a country that was once praised for its National Immunisation Program

Because of this kind of organization, Brazil was expected to have a better performance in the vaccination against covid-19. In fact, the country has a movement that can be considered against vaccines but it doesn’t represent a political force capable of coercing the purchase of the dosages. Actually, we get messages every day from the media and other means of communication saying that more and more vaccine dosages are being bought. So, why vaccinations are not being quickly even for the younger population? Indeed, people are overwhelmed with news about possible purchases of millions of dosages of different types of vaccines. But so far, only a minority of the population could get at least the first dosage of the vaccine.

World’s deadliest records ever because of covid-19

A Health Care System that is approaching the total collapse, and that was previously struggling, is exposing some problems inside Brazil that were not actually seen around the World. For Brazilians, the issue of paying high rates of taxes and not seeing results in infrastructure especially in the Health System is not new. But now, it’s been shown clearly to the whole world. This is a wound that bleeds billions of reais in money paid for taxes that never seem to heal and the amount that has been already given is not seen. The promises are of a Social Welfare State that is actually well paid by the Brazilian people, but when you look at reality you see that this might be just like a fairy tale. And it is a very expensive dream that ended up in this nightmare that we are currently showing to the world. We may even teach a lesson to the whole world about how corruption in politics can be damaging.

Coming to the surface

The economical problem of the Latin Countries is very similar to the Brazilian. Despite some cultural differences, we have problems with political corruption and laws that are not actually helping ordinary citizens. Those are the ones that need to work every day to guarantee their livelihood. It is not that people can’t go online, some businesses were already working both online and presentially. The coronavirus will not disappear from the World, but we know that so far vaccinations can diminish the severity of the disease even if a person gets it after getting vaccinated. The quick development of variations is a characteristic of the virus itself, it can be considered a type of microorganism that is not actually living. It needs a hostage to be able to replicate, but they can get into cells and mutate very quickly.


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