An Investments Forum will take place in the end of May 2021

The investment event will happen to attract investors from all over the world to Brazil. It is organized by Apex-Brasil, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the Federal Brazilian Government. Happening between May 31st and June 1st, 2021. The event is considered the greatest event of foreign investments in Latin America, reuniting the greatest authorities from the Federal Governments, representatives of important Companies in the media or other sectors, and opinion leaders. In this current edition, the Forum will highlight opportunities for investments in strategic areas such as:

This year, the BIF will take place remotely, the participants will be able to watch lectures and discuss investments online. The event will count on discussion panels of high level with representants of several Governments and CEOs from important International Companies. This is considered a very important opportunity for businesses and networking for public and private projects of enterprises in Brazil.

The opportunity for investments will be opened in several different areas and sectors that might be highly profitable.

Brazilian natural resources should be a very important consideration for investors

The territory in Brazil counts with an area of 8.5 million square kilometers and very rich in natural resources. Brazil has a solid industry for producing all kinds of commodities. Despite the political polarization that is also happening all over the world, there is a consolidated democracy that represents fertile soil also for international investments. The financial system in terms of foreign investments is stable because the natural resources also give the country a certain strength to be able to resist all kinds of difficulties. The many economical reforms that Brazil went through also gave us the predictability and the sustainability to embrace international investments securely.

Working to increase competitivity and productivity

Brazil is also working to increase competitiveness and productivity by adopting measures to improve conditions for many types of businesses. Let us check some of the most important competitive advantages that might highlight Brazil inside the competitive world of international investments:

The participants will be able to watch lectures about investments in several sectors in Brazil

There will be discussions on several topics such as the possibilities of investing in the automotive sector in Brazil. But not only that, the agricultural business which is a major player in Brazil because of its natural resources will also be considered. Other sectors that are very fertile to invest in the infrastructure include:

Brazilian Ministry of Foreign affairs has more than 120 Offices in the World working in close collaboration with several foreign countries. Brazil is also working in partnership with private agencies and class entities to improve Welfare in the World. Besides that Brazil is also ready to assist investors in all steps of the process of decision-making. Among the important tasks, we will provide services such as:

We are a diversified economy that is among the largest in the World and opened to so many different cultures. This is why you might want to consider investments in your particular sector of interest in Brazil.


In this article, we are talking about the Investments Forum that will take place at the end of May. This might be a very important opportunity for businesses all around the world. Did you like the information we shared here? Please don’t forget to follow our LinkedIn page, next week we will talk a bit more about the BIF 2021. if you are a potential investor and is trying to find a profitable experience in a foreign country, Brazil would be the first in the line.


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