One of the biggest economies in the World

Currently, Brazil is considered the ninth-largest economy in the World, and the fourth largest in terms of population and territory. Going from a tropical climate to a cool weather in some places, it is perfect to create an environment for the agribusiness to develop with several kinds of different produces. And for people interested in investing in clean energy and raw materials, Brazil might be a perfect choice. In this article, we will talk about some great opportunities for foreign investors to start in Brazil and also for the more experienced in foreign investments.

1 – Solutions In Renewable Energy and Environment

As we said previously, Brazil has a large territory with an amazing and favorable climate for several raw materials. Raw materials are the source of energy for many industries. But, in a nutshell, there are sectors that could be considered also of great importance in terms of energy such as:

Since 2003 the Brazilian government is creating incentives and programs for benefiting investors and attracting them. This is also an important aspect that can be considered for any investor that is seeking interesting opportunities.

2 – Automotive Industry

The current world economic crisis certainly reached the automotive sector, but there are expectations for growth. And not only that, this is the second most important industry in Brazil. Therefore it could be considered secure, but there is also a governmental project to assure even more security for investors in this sector. Selling energy plans for private companies in order to make the process more attractive and easy for Investment Companies.


The Brazilian Automotive industry is a great expectation in terms of economical potential.


3 – Oil & Gas Industry

Brazil has become, within recent years, the third-largest producer of Oil & Gas. Brazil is behind the USA and Russia, both considered potencies in the area. This sector is also backed by governmental programs that enable investors to obtain more security. The Brazilian Government has created the perfect scenario for investors to be interested in the Oil & Gas industry of the country.

4 – Agrobusiness

Brazil is actually the second-biggest producer in the World in terms of food. 60% of the whole Brazilian territory is used for agriculture activities. Among this incredibly large production, the country exports 77% of the production, which makes Brazil a major player in terms of foreign economy in the World. Only in 2017, this sector has reached the impressive mark of $175,5 billions. So, yes this would be an impressive opportunity for investors that are searching for reliable businesses.

Brazil has also impressive potential for several other sectors attractive for investors.

5 – Healthcare Industry

Considering that Brazil has the fifth largest population in the World, the Health Market can be considered a great potential for investments. Basically, 10% of all the investments in Brazil in terms of Public Policies are directed to Health, and this sector is expected to grow even more within the next years.


In this article, we are describing some of the more important sectors in the Brazilian industries. This can be a good source of information for many potential investors that can be considering Brazil. Don’t forget to follow our LinkedIn page for more awesome information about the Brazilian economy!


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