The latest months have been the most difficult for the country

Brazil has been on the list of the most affected countries in the World by the pandemic. This not only affected people’s health, but as in other countries, our already fragile economy went through a difficult process. The lockdown restrictions were difficult for many Brazilians who make a living with small businesses. And that needed the social presence of their clients to keep selling their products, but this also was a reality even in other countries. But the number of cases, and also of deaths, decreased and this is probably due to the higher rates of concluded vaccination protocols in the Country.

A renewed sense of economical optimism even with the political turmoil

The fact of vaccinations becoming more frequent in Brazil is definitely one of the reasons for the optimistic wave. Despite the current political situation, which seems a bit complicated, people are starting to return to a quite normal stage. It’s not that the social restrictions are totally disabled. But, people are being able to go back to their Offices or find new jobs after the nightmare that has closed businesses all over the country. The health care system was collapsing for many days, but now the signs of recovery are starting to arise.

Racing to vaccinate as many Brazilian citizens as possible

Other counties with successful rates of vaccination in the population are also facing challenges. New variants are arising throughout the entire World, but researches are demonstrating the vaccinated people are less likely to develop serious cases of covid-19. This might be responsible for the constant diminishing of cases in Brazil and other countries as the vaccinations started to be effective in a considerable percentage of the population. This is the answer to the prayers of many people all over the World that were expecting hope and also desiring that they could go back with their financial lives.

Recent weeks have been difficult because the expectations for getting rid of the pandemic are not so certain.


Is the covid-19 nightmare over?

Many are not so sure yet, the evolution of variations especially coming from countries that didn’t have enough time to vaccinate the population. The economy has adapted if you consider all the aspects that were dealt with during the time people faced strict lockdown measures. But the struggle to win the battle against the disease might not be over yet. The new variants might create the necessity of new vaccination campaigns. But we have never seen vaccines being developed so fast with the capacity to let our bodies develop antibodies against this virus. So, we might be expecting an improvement related to this situation by 2022.


In this article, we are talking about some recent discussions about the economic impact of the pandemic. And also, how and when we are expecting those difficult times to be over. Economic recovery is expected, but we might be facing other probably smaller waves of the pandemic still raging on our personal lives and economies. Did you like our latest post? Don’t forget to follow us on our LinkedIn page for more interesting news on current topics.


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