Despite the increase, inequality is still prevalent

During the lockdown times, many people needed to improve the quality of their Internet services. Not only for working in Home Offices but also for students who needed to take classes online. The access in Brazilian houses increased by 83% even among the poor families that needed to pay for Internet services to allow kids to watch online lessons. This survey was held by the Regional Center for Studies on the Development of the Information Society, 18th. Since 2014 the residential Internet connections in Brazil have been growing in numbers.

The growth has been found in all kinds of social classes present in Brazil.

Compared to 2019 the increase reached up to 14%

For the most wealthy classes the rate has reached close to 100%, and this could have been caused by the necessity of using online services. Not only for working as we stated above, but also because the fiber optics technologies have also been implemented in several places all over the country. The price of the Internet in its several plans also has become more accessible and this is certainly due to the acceleration that the pandemic has certainly kept people busy at home. Internet services were crucial for this process maintaining business running and people in their job positions.

Rural areas also had more availability for connection

Telephone companies have also created plans with satellite transmission in areas that are considered rural, thus with more difficulty of Internet connections. Those areas are considered rural because the cables for fiber optics connections are normally extended in larger cities and metropolitan areas. So those plans are normally special for distant areas that don’t have this type of option. But even with this kind of technology available, the stability and speeds might be of lower quality in comparison with the fiber optics options for cities. Anyway, the prices have become more interesting in any type of plan that a family might choose for their home usage.

Covid infection rates are decreasing

Each day with the vaccinations going up, the rates of serious cases of infections by covid-19 are decreasing. But it does not mean that social restrictions are becoming unnecessary. Even in such releasing times, the new variants of the covid-19 virus represent a new danger that might require the maintenance of many types of care. So, some social restrictions are still being maintained though the economy is trying to go back to normality. Some services are reopening because of the vaccinations and now we will have to wait some time to see if the vaccines will be effective against possible variants that are developing in many countries.


In this article, we are talking about the newest factors that might be leading Brazil to an economical recovery and also the Internet factor. The services have improved in terms of prices and quality, which allowed even in rural areas that people would continue working remotely. Did you like our latest post? Don’t forget to follow our LinkedIn page for more interesting news about Brazil and international topics!


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