The announcement of the allowance was done this Wednesday

It was almost 18 months after banning tourists from Brazil because of the covid-19 situation in the country. The pandemic is considered under control now in Brazil because of the growing rate of vaccinations. The ban was over non-essential travels, and this included tourism for the sake of trying to control the spread of the coronavirus all over the Wold. Some reasons were still considered allowed such as work, family, and also health care. But examinations were carefully done for the sake of stopping infected people from entering the country. Now, as the vaccinations in Brazil are reaching a higher number of people the pandemic is becoming under control.

Visitors must show a negative test result

This includes the digital certificate of vaccination against covid-19 with both dosages. In the case of Brazilians, the certificate is available in the App named Connect SUS. Brazil’s Unified Public Health System (SUS) is developing this application that will unite many services, including the information about people’s vaccinations history. It also has a document to indicate that the person is fully vaccinated. Though many people in Brazil that got both dosages are having problems with the App, the developers are declaring that the history of vaccinations will be inserted in the system, if not already, very soon. Also, Brazilians can show a paper certificate of vaccination with the Health professional signature and the kind of vaccine taken that will serve as proof of taking both dosages of the vaccine.

People who are not vaccinated might have to show a negative test result and still be quarantined to enter Portugal. But will be allowed to enter without vaccine only for specific purposes.


The vaccinated traveler will no longer need quarantine

Portugal is opened for tourists from the UN and Brazil, with the vaccination certificate. The negative result upon arrival might still be necessary in some cases. We all know that covid-19 has variants and that the vaccine may not stop an infection. But still, this is considered a positive sign that things will go back to normality. The industry of traveling and tourism is considered one of the biggest in the World. And it was also probably the most affected by restrictions for the contention of the coronavirus.

People are already starting to make plans again to go abroad, as vaccinations continue.


Plans for vacations abroad are starting

In terms of care with social distancing, using masks, alcohol-based hand wipes, or gel sanitizers will continue. And maybe not only for a long time, but the coronavirus will not simply vanish out of the blue. We will still have to be careful and maybe get boosts of vaccinations early so that our lives will at least have some resemblance of normality. And of course, people will have to take those measures maybe for good, and why not? We always had viruses around and the fact of trying to avoid such diseases also allowed many to stay healthy. Many didn’t even have the flu since they started to take such preventive measures.


In this article, we were talking about when it could be possible to go back to normality. Traveling abroad is one of those things that people plan for their future. And in this article, we are discussing the case of Portugal and Brasil. Wondering if other countries will allow us also to enter after the process of vaccination in Brazil is more advanced. Did you like our latest post? Don’t forget to follow us on our LinkedIn page for more incredible news about Brazil and international subjects.


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