Unemployment Rate in Brazil Drops to 11.2%

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From November to January The period between November 2019 and January 2020 was analysed by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) latest Friday (February 28). The previous quarter already showed signs of dipping to 11.6%, this was between August 2019 and October of the same year. The amount is still high Many Brazilians […]

Brazilian Economy Grew at a Faster Pace Than it Was Expected

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Gross Domestic Products Are Demonstrating this Reality The observation was really visible in the third quarter of 2019, Brazilian Economy expanded 0.6 percent. This percentage certainly surpassed expectations by economical analysts. It is important to remember that Brazil is the largest country in Latin America with a great potential for recovery after the political reformations. […]

Brazilian Petrobras Oil Production in 2019 Goes Beyond 3 Million Barrels

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8 new systems were applied to the production The new technology was implanted during the years of 2018 and 2019 on the following offshore fields: Lula; Berbigão; Búzios; Tartaruga Verde; Sururu. In 2018 the same time frame resulted in a production of 2.660 million barrels. But in 2019 Petrobras was able to produce above the […]

Brazil is Considered One of The Top Markets for Clean Energy

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Country is already the largest market for Latin America in power energy Only in 2018, the power capacity in Brazil was measured in 162GW, certainly relying on hydro-power. Currently Brazil is considered a Country that operates mostly on clean energy, the hydro-power generated energy accounts for almost 70% of the capability. Also, the policies, related […]

An Ambitious Plan for Brazil: Privatize Billions for the Sake of Economic Growth

Brazil will privatize billions

An Economic Plan for the selling of over 300 companies owned by the state The Brazilian Government’s current plan to sell of government-owned Companies will include an energy powerhouse such as Eletrobras. On Tuesday, January 14th, the Ministry of Economy announced that the country is planning to privatize about 300 state-owned Companies. The plan will […]

Brazil Will be Considered for Entering the OECD

Brazil in OCDE

An Official Recommendation Has Been Presented The US Government has made official that Brazil will be considered for inclusion in the group that represents the most important Economies in the World. This acronym stands for “Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development” and is formed by the richest countries on the planet. It is an organization […]

Trump Backed Down on Claims of Increasing Tariffs over Brazilian Steel

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The Threat Was Done On His Official Twitter Account USA President Donald Trump seemed to have stepped back after a conversation by phone call with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in December 2019. This means that the steel industry in Brazil might have the situation calmed down. American President’s Twitter Account Might Have a Lot of […]

Brazil is Looking to Attract Infrastructure Investments in 2020

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The government expects to complete at least 18 sales The expectations are high for the Government to be able to sell public Companies by the end of 2020. This project will also include partnerships between our Public Companies and the private initiative. The investments are to cover a total of 27.7 billions in Brazilian Reais […]

What to Expect for the Brazilian Economy in 2020?

Brazil Economy in 2020

After a 2019 that many will not be able to forget Among wildfires, promises of  Economic regression and even menaces of an Apocalyptic scenario that involves a climate crisis and political difficulties between USA and Iran; we will talk specifically about the future of Brazil further down. Is our political turn to a more right-winger […]

New Brazilian Trade Office in Jerusalem

Appex in Jerusalem

Office Represents Brazilian People’s Intention to Support Israeli State in the Middle East What many don’t know about Brazilian’s recent change in Politics from left to right is that there are are morals involved. This is not only about politics and economic foreign trades, Brazil is trying to rescue more of its Judeo-Christian ethics and […]