Is The Vaccine Effective Against The Delta Variant?


First of all, we need to know what are those variants Since the World knew there was a pandemic, caused by a virus in 2019 many things changed. Including the virus itself, as those are incredibly small infectious agents that mutate very fastly. They replicate inside cells and adapt to survive better in that environment. […]

Acess To The Internet Increases In Brazil During 2020


Despite the increase, inequality is still prevalent During the lockdown times, many people needed to improve the quality of their Internet services. Not only for working in Home Offices but also for students who needed to take classes online. The access in Brazilian houses increased by 83% even among the poor families that needed to […]

Is There A Job Crisis In Brazil?


Is there really a job dropping in Brazil after the pandemic? During the early 2000s, Brazil was recovering from a very serious economic crisis and reached about 20% of the unemployment rate. So you might consider that there have been problems occurring from decades ago. The difference related to the times of the pandemic is […]

Number Of Cases Of Covid-19 In Brazil Starts To Decrease


The latest months have been the most difficult for the country Brazil has been on the list of the most affected countries in the World by the pandemic. This not only affected people’s health, but as in other countries, our already fragile economy went through a difficult process. The lockdown restrictions were difficult for many […]

Data Protection Fines Are Going To Be Applied In Brazil


Data protection laws are going to have stricter standards Brazil, until a certain point always had some form of legal protection to regulate data-related issues. During the covid-19 pandemic, the number of frauds and scams increased probably because many people started using technology, and actually needing it to buy and work. So the discussions about […]

United States Starts Demanding Vaccination Until Mid-September


Vaccinate or do weekly covid-19 tests? In the previous Months, this mandatory vaccination would only be a discussion on whether this could be the best way to get officers of the Government safe. The discussions were also been present in several States for government employees of all kinds, who now will have to decide to […]

Inflation Is Expected To Slow In The Second Part Of The Year


Many economists believe that the increases in prices might start diminishing During recent pandemical times, lockdowns and climate-related difficulties in several countries are connected to the newest crisis of prices. The perspective of an inflationary rise all over the world is scary to many, as we are also going through processes of major changes in […]

Southern Region Of Brazil Might Be Holding A Future For Food Production


The South Region is considered a developed one Compared with other regions, it can be considered equally or similarly fertile in terms of the quality of the lands. Actually, the organic production of corn in Brazil has a 56% share in our Southern territory, for example. But the Southern region conditions right now might be […]

Economical Rebound In Brazil Is Larger Than Expected


The biggest economy in Latin America had a 1.2 percent growth The event was believed to be caused by a jump in the agricultural business and also surges in investments. Brazil has returned to pre-pandemic levels of economy, even during a restricted social interaction. Many other countries have declined during this current crisis. So you […]