Logo Azul PNG 2Ewaider&Co was founded in São Paulo in 2012 by Eric Jacques Waidergorn to provide international companies with comprehensive back office services.

After more than 10 years working at top consulting firms, Eric and his team observed many firms had a difficult time consistently meeting the needs of their dynamic clients. This led to many clients bringing services in-house with inexperienced staff and increased costs.

Traditional outsourcing models require customers to interact with multiple service providers to handle each administrative service from tax, audit, accounting, legal, etc. This further requires multiple contacts within each of these departments.

This inefficient structure creates unnecessary delays, lack of prompt follow-up, potential for miscommunication and the inability for critical contacts to have a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of a firm.

The experienced team at Ewaider&Co identified the reasons for client turnover and created a company that can address all of the complex requirements of customers and create loyal partnerships.

In order to have long term partnerships and reduce outsourcing costs, service providers must be an extension of your company with all administrative services managed by one reliable service provider.

Ewaider&Co established a four step process to ensure there are no gaps in their outsourcing model and to provide clients with highest standard of service so they can achieve their business goals within Brazil